Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Clavier Companion is here!

For those of you who have not heard, Keyboard Companion and Clavier Magazine have merged to form "Clavier Companion". If you had a subscription to both magazines, you will receive Clavier Companion instead, and your subscriptions have been extended to cover all paid issues. The new magazine combines elements of both, and in my opinion combines the best of each. I have always found Keyboard Companion helpful, although limited in scope to a certain teaching population. However, for many years now I have debated whether or not to renew my Clavier subscription - I usually spent about 10 minutes perusing it, then put it on the shelf. After receiving my new copy of Clavier Companion, I can honestly say that I sat down and read it.

This is a refreshing and necessary change for piano pedagogy and performance. If this issue is any indication, we will get great articles by columnists such as Robert Weirich, and teaching tips, in varied formats, at many levels. Future issues will also include reviews. And finally - icing on the cake - Louise Goss is doing Questions and Answers again. Bravo to the folks involved!

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