Sunday, August 2, 2009

Mei-Ting Sun at NCKP

Mei-Ting Sun performing on the Yamaha Disklavier. He was in New York City, while the piano in Chicago played. Amazing technology, and an amazing performer.

Virtual Teaching

One of the most exciting sessions of the conference was teaching demonstration of Distance Learning via Technology. Using the Yamaha Disklavier (Click for info), students played in one location while the teachers taught from another. The first student played live in Chicago, and Paul Sheftel taught her from New York. It is amazing technology, aided also by Timewarp Technologies and their Internet MIDI program (Click for info). See the videos below for George Litterst's introduction and a short snippet of the teaching. You will notice that when one person plays one piano, the other piano plays exactly as they do, including pedal movement. Listen for the audience's reaction to get a feel for how amazing this technology is.